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Is it all too good to be true?

Give us a call and let us show you what our research has uncovered. One of the activities that Bobbitt & Associates LLC performs is an audit against some government agencies throughout the country. We dig through public records in search of lost, missing, and unclaimed funds belonging to private citizens.

Rest assured, if you received a notice by phone, email, letter, or postcard from us, then we think we may have found funds that belong to you. Call us today at (682) 233-3720.

These funds are generally held for only a brief period of time, after which the agency responsible for them may be permitted to seize them permenantly through a process called "escheatment". We think private citizens, like yourself, losing their funds to the government is completely unfair and we are determined to prevent this from happening to anyone, especially you.

We are a A+ accredited-business with the Better Business Bureau, and we take pride in maintaing this honor with them. Please verify for yourself clicking on the BBB seal below.

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Our Mission

Bobbitt & Associates LLC has a small team of abandoned money professionals located in Texas. We know the "ins and outs" of government agencies we deal with. If one of these bureaucratic agencies is holding your funds, we know how to get them for you! Since after a certain period of time elapses, the government may get to keep your money so it is important to have professionals, like us, on your side to recover it quickly.

How It Works

The Audit and Search

Bobbitt & Associates LLC audits many government agencies across the United States to locate sums of money owed to private individuals and companies. Once these funds are identified, we investigate the location of the owners so we can reconnect you with your money. Once we have made contact, we will discuss with you your background in order to validate you are the actual owner.

Paperwork and Payment

After you have spoken with one of our agents and we validate you are likely the owner, upon verbal agreement to work your claim we will prepare a few documents that require your signature in order to allow us to get started. We utilize independent notary services across the states to obtain your signature, and often times these notaries can schedule you at a time and place of your choosing, such as home or work.

Our firm works on a contingent basis, which means there are absolutely no out-of-pocket expenses to you. We are ONLY paid upon successful collection of your claim. We cover ALL expenses related to the claim until it is paid. In the unfortunately scenario that a claim ends up being unsuccessful, you owe us nothing.

Many agencies take time to complete their acceptance before making payment on a claim. Once we collect those funds, we will remit payment to you within 30 days of receipt, minus the pre-arranged fee for our service.

Act Today

Now, be careful, because these funds are usually only held for a brief period of time, after which the agency responsible for them may be permitted to seize them.

We think you losing your funds to faceless government agencies is not right, and we want to prevent this from happening to anyone, especially you. Call us today at (682) 233-3720.