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About Us

About Our Company

We are a Dallas/Fort Worth based company, serving customers locally and out of the area. Our team approaches each client engagement by thoroughly exploring how technology can make a postive impact with the organization's objectives. We ensure that we thoroughly understand your business, your culture, and your goals before making a recommendation or writing a single line of code. While we started primarily as a technology consulting organization, our team continues to broaden its focus across different disciplines to help serve markets where great value can be achieved for our customers.

We Believe

We believe that we have the brightest people in the business who are passionate about where they work and want to deliver superior results to our clients. Our consulting side has a penchant for seamlessly fitting in with our client's organization. After all, who wants Bob and Bob to show up at their office and do surprise interviews? We pride ourselves on our deep technical expertise, our teamwork, and our speed and agility. We stay current with the latest technologies and best practices in desktop, client, server, and mobile technologies. To complement our existing team, we have now expanded our team with people that specialize and managing and operational matters of real estate for investment purposes.

Key Values

Our key values are honesty, dedication, collaboration, respect, and a superior results to cost ratio. We strive for perfection in everything we do while maintaining our commitment to cost-effective delivery on every project we undertake.

Our Experience

Many of our team members began their early careers working for one of the the ultra-large, multi-national, "Big" consulting firms that had been prominent for decades in the enterprise information systems space. This was true of our founder that left one of these firms as a senior manager in the consulting division. After finding their efforts stifled by bureaucratic policies and processes, impersonal relationships across the organization, not to mention spending more nights in hotel rooms than at their home, our founder knew there had to be a better way to provide higher-touch services at a better value while maintaining a working presence in his local community.

Our team has experience in the core technologies and/or operational areas in which they serve. Whether managing large-scale programs or designing and building the next custom platform specific to your business' needs, we have a team that is skilled and ready to help you be successful.